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VUC Storstrøm is an education center for youth and adults. We ensure that individuals acquire the basic skills they need in order to complete an education, to proceed to further education, and to eventually get a job.  We secure the basic skill-acquisition of individuals, by giving them a large variety of options, opportunities, and resources education-wise. Resources which individuals can choose from, depending on their needs. Because VUC Storstrøm is student-oriented, our approach is innovative, modern, and flexible; We want to make sure that the teaching and tools suit students best. It does not matter when people’s learning/education processes start, it is just important that they do start.

National / international impact

Nationally, in Denmark, 49% of our students have completed their education, as of 2017. This means that these individuals have acquired the skills that they wanted, and can now obtain further education, become active agents in their lives, and actively contribute to a democratic society –which also benefits the labor market greatly.

VUC Storstrøm has collaborated with Germany, The UK, Sweden, Finland , Norway, Ireland, and Spain, among others. We have, for example, ensured the acquisition of international competitive power, skills, and motivation among European youth and adults. VUC Storstrøm has trained teachers using video for education in Canada – US – Vietnam and Europe