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Public University of Ptuj

Ljudska univerza Ptuj,  LUP


Contact information

Mojca Volk, General Manager,

Andrej Korošec, Project Manager,


Ljudska univerza Ptuj (Public University of Ptuj) was established by local municipality around 60 years ago. Even in those early years, the main mission was already based on lifelong learning and raising of competences of local participants, mainly by inclusion into non-formal and informal education.

During years, Ljudska univerza Ptuj has grown into professionally recognized, highly experienced and user-friendly public institution for adult education and with over 10 years of experience in international project management surpassed national boundaries.

Ljudska univerza Ptuj offers vast number of formal and non-formal learning programs for both professional and daily life, with high emphasis on inclusion of seniors through numerous activities for active ageing. Their programs are predominantly under the domain of the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports, and in the last years also the Ministry of Labor, Family and Social Affairs and the Ministry of Agriculture.

They offer guidance and consultancy to the participants before, during and after the completion of education, motivate them for raising key and other competences and encourage and promote the importance of lifelong learning.

Ljudska univerza Ptuj strives for excellence in both work and in partnerships with participants and organizations. They try constantly to be innovative and creative, matching the needs and possibilities of local environment with experience and up-to-date educational offer.

National / international impact

Through cooperation with Slovenian institute for Adult Education and membership in Association of Slovene Public Universities, Public University of Ptuj makes influence to policy design. At local level we are member of board of public institutions, founded by municipality and we are as such an important local policy maker. At national and international level CMEPIUS and several ministries are our partners.

As project coordinators in EU and national projects we are experienced in elaboration and validation activities, project and financial management and dissemination actions. We are also experienced organizer of conferences and different dissemination and exploitation events.