Current members Italian Teachers and Principals Association- ADI

Italian Teachers and Principals Association- ADI

Associazione Docenti e Dirigenti Scolastici Italiani – ADI




ADI is a cultural not for profit organization recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education as a qualified Association in the training of  Italian Teachers, Educators and School Managers.

It is a leading  professional body of educators run on a voluntary basis through elected executive and council committees. Members are affiliated to a network of regional branches.

ADi goals are

1) To  prepare teachers and schools to foster the creative and innovative potential of young people and young adults through formal and non-formal learning in ways that are relevant to employability. 

2) To foster educators to develop innovative curricola

3) To  promote better school and life inclusion for  SEN students and young adults

4) To promote the Creation of trasnational innovative teaching strategies for students and young adults

5) To build a culture of innovation in  schools over the years

6) To achieve teachers and educators higher professional development

ADI represents a highly qualified organization which is currently cooperating with more 50 schools, 400 teachers and 50 headmasters all over Italy , and has created a network of collaboration with European schools from Poland, Germany, Spain, Slovackia, Denmark and England and San Diego ( California).

It trains newly qualified teachers, school directors, educators. It organizes courses and congress on innovative teaching methods to develop students and young adults’ competences

ADi organizes, every February, an international congress on education with a special interest on vocational and technical education. The congress is always attended by more than 500 people ( 2018 “LEARNING: THE TREASURE WITHIN. The discoveries of the 21st century” , 2017- Graffiti. Hints of future schools, 2016-  Big Bang. A journey through the most creative schools in the world )

ADi website is well known in Italy and it is highly consulted by education professionals ( ). The association also writes a monthly on line magazine which reaches more than 30 000 educators and school directors all over Italy.

National / international impact

ADi is part of  FONADS “Forum Nazionale Associazioni Docenti e Dirigenti Scolastici “, an Italian Forum of 12 associations of teachers and principles approved by the Italian Department  of Education.

ADI training courses are approved by the Italian Department of Education and can be seen on its SOFIA platform.

ADI has been collaborating with wellknown experts in Europe and other parts of the world, such as, Francesc Pedrò,  Margret Rasfeld, Lene Jensby Lange, Roi Cohen Kadosh, Andy Hargreaves, Rana Dajani, Michael  Schratz, Luigi Berlinguer, François Dubet

It is also collaborating with Global Schools Alliance

ADi is taking part in several Erasmus Plus projects, both KA2 partnerships and KA1 VET mobility projects. The association is currently consolidating a network of European schools made up of schools from Poland, Germany, Spain and Slovackia


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