Current members Federal Ministry of Education, Dpt. II/5 Adult Education

Federal Ministry of Education, Dpt. II/5 Adult Education

Bundesministerium für Bildung (BMB), Abt. II/5 Erwachsenenbildung


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Official coordinator in the Federal Ministry of Education and Women’s Affairs:

Operational and active contributors in EBSN:


The Federal Ministry of Education, Dpt. II/5 Adult Education, is responsible for AL policies and initiatives in Austria. The department coordinates all initiatives concerning basic skills development.

This includes (or included) the following main activities:

  • Funding of AL programs
  • Implementation of a national program for basic skills, the so-called “initiative for adult education” (Initiative Erwachsenenbildung, since 2012). This program is based on a cooperation of the ministry of education and the nine Austrian provinces and offers courses for people lacking (a) basic skills or (b) a lower secondary certificate. Training requirements for teaching staff are part of the program.
  • Coordination and exchange of AE providers of basic skills (“Plattform Basisbildung”)
  • Development of a framework curriculum for teacher’s training in basic skills together with BS experts (2013)
  • Coordination of ESF-funded projects regarding basic skills provision and development, including several “train-the-trainer”-projects starting in 2015
  • Provision of a central web platform for adult education in Austria since 2005 (

For EBSN, the Ministry of Education (Mrs Rosc) cooperates with three basic skills experts (Mrs Aschemann, Mrs Kastner and Mrs Schörgenhofer) who are in charge of active contribution to EBSN.

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